Tonearm for Sota Saphire

Having the Sota upgraded and want to change the MMT arm to something "better" and since better could be a cactus needle on the end of a stick to something for which one morgages his/her soul, suggestions would be appreciated. I have an extensive collection of those round flat black things(into 4 figures) and the rest of the system qualifies as high end with equipment to make Wilson WP7"s sound quite delightful. After the Wilsons, I can afford pretty good but probably not great. The tt sits on a solid maple stand with enough isolation to withstand anythig but a direct thermonuclear attack. Brituadio recomends the hopped up Rega. Is there an "audiophile" approved legendary combo? I sure don't mind buying used but how the hell would you be able to tell if an arm has started that downward slide into audio mediocracy due to wearing bearings? Am I sliding down into audio OCD? Think I'll listen to my clock radio for awhile. Thanks in advance.
The SME V arm ($1800-2,000 used) has long been considered a synergistic match with the Sota Saphire table by audiophiles. Mine is twenty years old, and is still superb.
Dear Kkurtis: There are some tonearms out there that can fit very well with your Sota TT, but it is more important to know with which cartridge do you want to mate that tonearm. Can you tell us?

Regards and enjoy the music.
I second the SME V suggestion because I owned the Sapphire/SME V combo for 17 years. I recommend using the upgraded aluminum or acrylic armboard over the stock wood one for the SME V.
Currently using the Denon that was about $1000.

I have a sapphire and it is my final table. I also have a Premier MMT tonearm. The arm I use on my sapphire is the Fidelity Research FR64fx. It is absolutely superior in every way to the MMT. It is a superb tonearm and I would recommend it as a superb match for the SOTA. The problem is price and availability. They are scare and command high prices on Ebay and then you are right to question how the bearings have held up, etc. I have made inquiries and am sending mine off to Japan to be rebuilt/refurbished by the original designer (who is in his eighties). I also use a rebuilt FRMK3 cartridge and Ortofons. It is a great arm for those cartridges from personal experience.

I haven't seen, heard, or know about Ikeda products, but one of the designers from Fidelity Research is who heads it up. If it was my dollars I would seek out some Ikdea products and try to give a listen.

Have fun.
I've got a 20 month old Sapphire mated to a Graham 2.1 arm (ceramic wand). Cart. is a Helikon Mono (this is my dedicated mono rig). Been completely happy with it (although I should've gotten the 2.2 - - will probably do that upgrade next year).
Dear Denny: The only Denon that I know that is in that price range is the DL-S1. If this is your Denon cartridge ( btw, a great cartridge. The only one Denon cartridge that deserves to mention it ) the SME tonearm is not the best match. My advise is that you try the Moerch DP-6 tonearm: great for that cartridge and this combination will work very fine with your Sota TT.

Regards and enjoy the music.
SME V as mentioned and my favorite the SME IV.Vi.