Tonearm for Pink Triangle TT

Any advice or recommendations for a suitable tonearm to mount on a Pink Triangle turntable? I think it is a PT TOO?
I had both the TOO and the Anniversary models at one time, both mounted with the SME V, sounded fine but the Moerch DP6 excelled on the Pink better than the SME. Be patient in levelling the suspension and to add extra weight onto the armboard if necessary.
Thanks for that. I actually have an SME V on it now and was looking for an alternative so thanks for the other suggestion. Yes, the leveling is time consuming and I am not sure it is right yet!!
I am also having some issues with the tone arm clearance from the record if the vinyl is even slightly warped, especially on the last few tracks- it touches on the records circumference. The VTA adjuster seems to be dialed up so can't seem to raise it any further. Suggestions?
John - I imported the 1st SME V's into NZ. This is a common problem, the fouling of the arm on the record/platter edge. The easy solution is to insert a spacer between the headshell and cartridge. This will give you more depth to work with on VTA. PM me if you like.
If you have an SMEV, the only alternative I can thing about is the Zeta. I can not say it is better than the SME, but sounds fantastic with the Pink Triangle. I still remember the sound of this combo - dynamic and alive. Unhappily some early Zeta tonearms has problems with the bearings that could result in mistracking.
Thanks, Will PM you shortly.
The Funk Firm is the successor to Pink Triangle. Perhaps you should consider Funk's FX-R tonearm? In any case, a call to Funk might be worthwhile to ask for their suggestions about what arms work well on the old PT.