Tonearm for Nottingham Spacedeck

Just bought a Spacedeck (used ,but in very nice shape). I've long aimed for the OL Encouter arm.The Spacedeck came w.the Nott arm and it sounds very good.Is anyone out there running the Space w. an Encounter? BTW as far as the Space sounding "dark", I removed the plinth, added my Ringmat and improved the sound.How? It's more open & detailed w. a deeper somewhat wider sound stage. To my ears this change sounds very ,very good.(my wife and I attend symphonies regularly)Can the Nott dance? Well, yes,if the music does. Feedback re the Nott+Encounter will be greatly appreciated
Nottingham is voiced w. the Nottingham arms. The latest spacearm is supposed to rival the Anna arm at 3 times the price. I have a hyperspace w. SME V & love the combination. The arm will ultimately depend more on your cartridge than your turntable, although they are both very important.
Do you mind letting me know how much did you pay for your Nttingham used? I am currently looking for one.


Funny you should ask this question. I tried an OL Encounter on my Spacedeck and preferred the Spacearm. I now have an Ace-Space arm and it is even better. Other arms I have had on the Spacedeck:

Rega RB600
OL Silver
Bluenote Borghese
Bluenote Borromeo

The Nott arms are really the best match for this table. Just enjoy and be happy that you have a great analog rig.


"The arm will ultimately depend more on your cartridge than your turntable"

what he said, he nailed it!!
Can't go wrong with a Graham 2.2 or better still a Pantom
Yeah - but Oz, how'd you like the Blue Notes? They are damn fine arms.
The Blue Note arms are very good. But you would really need to match them with a cartridge of appropriate compliance. They didn't work very well with a Shelter 501 II or Benz L2. The sound was good, just not great. But I have heard the Borghese with their MM cartridge on their entry level table and it sounded mighty fine. All a matter of synergy.

To me, this table was so highly under-rated. I enjoy it so much with Graham 2.2 and Triplanar7. I am changing the Spacearm to a Moerch DP-6, I am quite certain that I will get good result.