Tonearm for London Reference

Planning to get a London Reference

Wondering if anyone uses one and what tonearm you find works best ?
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Best is FR-64s / FR-66s. Superior Energy Transfer and ultra rigid Bearing.
Hadcock or Decca International. A Schroeder works well too.

Alternatively a linear tracker like the Terminator TPro3.

i have used my Deccas (C4E, Garrott Gold & Maroon) on Hadcocks and Schroeders. Both are great matches.
Add Well Tempered Labs to the list.
Must be a well damped arm to perform optimally.
The Decca International sounded great with my old Decca 4RC and Mk5. So did a modified Rabco ST-4 linear tracking arm.
Have had excellent results using a Graham 2.2 with my London Jubilee.