tonearm for KM turntable?

I am the proud owner of a recently acquired, vintage model KM TD4001 belt drive turntable. It came without an arm, and I am interested in any guidance as to what might make a good match. My immediate thought was an SME 3009 II. However, the table has a precut acrylic plinth (with inset metal plate), and the drill holes are set approx. 1 5/8" apart front to back, and 1 9/16" apart side to side. Aren't the holes in SME base plates much further apart than this? Obviously, I'd prefer to not get into drilling into acrylic. Anyone know what arm this plinth may be drilled to accomodate? Any suggestions on arms? Thanks! Ben
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I have exactly the same problem, have you found the answer?
yes...I sold the turntable.