tonearm for benz micro L2?

I would appreciate any ideas. Have Sota Star (vacuum) and about $2000.00. Listen mostly to rock, folk, chamber music, some opera. Thanks to all.
SME is a good choice. Whatever you can afford. PH
I tried the L2 in 3 arms. It worked fine in all of them, but it sounded best in the Triplanar VII, followed closely by the Moerch DP-6 (12" Red wand), and followed somewhat further behind by a VPI JMW-10.

I have the Audiomods Rega and I love it. I am waiting for my Koetsu Rosewood to come back from Soundsmith. I am using a Shure V15V in it now and it sounds wonderful. It really out classes my AQ-PT9I Which is not a bad arm. Jeff will customize the arm for your Cartridge. There is a review on Enjoy The Music. The best part is it comes in under a grand.
i get rid of jmw10.5 and get Artemis TA-1 installed on Aries 2. Used with Ace low for many enjoyable hours – (Ace is great cartridge) and i moved on to SL wood body. Have only 20 hours of play but I can already tell you that my dream of buying Koetsu Tsugaru is no more. Look in to Artemis tonearm and enjoy the music.