Tonearm for an Aries 3

Well I am looking to upgrade my system to an Aries 3 and I need some advise on a tonearm. I have it narrowed down to three different arms.

1. JMW-10.5i w/ Stainless Steel arm tube.

2. Dynavector DV-507MK2

3. Graham Phantom II B-44

When asking VPI about tonearms boards Mike at VPI stated

"They will both have less detail and soundstage than the JMW-10.5i and will cost you a fortune for almost nothing."

Is there any truth to this or is he just pushing their brand.

There are two main cartridges that need to be compatible with which ever arm I go with, the Ortofon Jubilee and the Koetsu Onyx Platinum. I currently have the Jubilee but want to eventually get a Koetsu.

I really like the looks of the Dynavector as well as the engineering behind it. Plus I really hate dealing with a unipivot which I know the Phantom and the JMW are.

Please let me know what you guys think.

Difficult choice! I actually use the 507MKII on my Aries 3 and I LOVE the ARM. The 507 is so stable and so solid that it exudes solidity and confidence. It is a pleasure to handle and use; it's not flimsy or bouncy like so many uni-pivot arms... I really don't think that you can go wrong with the 507 MKII. I believe it has a slightly more 'solid' sound than the Graham with less 'air' overall and that it projects a more centered sound stage. Really, between the 507 and the Graham I believe it would come down to personal taste and system matching. I don't see how you could go wrong with either.

I'm not crazy about the VPI advice, stick with the Dynavector or the Graham; either will most likely last a lifetime...
Stickman451 how would you describe the characteristics of the 507MKII vs a JMW-10.5i arm(not sure if you have a reference)?
I haven't actually used the VPI 10.5; my previous table was the VPI Scout with I believe the 9.5 arm. To be perfectly honest, there were some aspects of the Scout that I actually liked better overall than the Aries 3. The Scout excelled with pace and rhythm; it had a really live 'snappy' sound. The Aries 3 combo with the Dynavector 507 MKII has a much bigger, more solid sound. It produces a much wider and deeper soundstage with more layers and much greater detail. Overall the Aries is with the 507 is far superior to the Scout but overall I don't think it is quite as quick or rhythmic.

Still, I like the 507 better than any other arm I have seen or auditioned at shops or shows. The way it works, its solid feel, and its ability to handle practically any cartridge make it a winner for me.
These posts are filled with comments against the VPI arms. I have a 10.5i and find it very satisfying. I haven't substituted different arms on MY system, however, I have heard the Phantom and the Dyna, on other systems, and mine takes no back seat to any. Sure, when fiddling with the arm it "feels" tippy and unstable, but when playing a record, it is as solid looking as any arm. When one gets used to it, it is not an issue at all. VPI has their competitor's arms in house and are very familiar with them all. There is no doubt in my mind that VPI knows what they talk about.
Well I have really boiled it down to two arms.

1. JMW-10.5i w/ Stainless Steel arm tube.

2. Dynavector DV-507MK2

I talked with a dealer today and he sells both products and feels the dynavector decimates the JMW but the dynavector is twice as much and he is a dealer. I would love to hear from some one that's used both and can give their observations and specifically when it comes to sound stage and depth of layers with the over all picture in mind.