Tonearm for Acoustic Signature Challenger Mk3?

I recently picked up an Acoustic Signature Challenger Mk3 which came with an armboard for mounting a Rega or compatible tonearm. I have both a Rega RB301 and a VPI JMW 9T. Unfortunately the JMW doesn't fit the armboard so I mounted the Rega. I set it up with my Dynavector 20x2l with a Clearaudio Balance phono pre. I'm listening to this on my Schiit Lyr and Audeze LCD-2.1 cans. I have to admit this is a spectacular setup.

Does anyone have any experience with this deck and a JMW tonearm? I'm curious if the JMW is that much better or should I ditch it and keep the Rega? Or are there other tonearms that are a good match for this deck others can recommend? Please share any thoughts.

Basis Vector is a drop in for a Rega in terms of pivot to spindle length and IMO far superior to a Rega.
Thank you for the recommendation Jperry. The Basis Vector looks like a great tonearm. Does it have the same three bolt pattern for mounting in an armboard as a Rega RB301? How does it compare to a VPI JMW 9T?

It does not have a 3 bolt pattern. It drops in the hole. Not sure how it would work with your TT. You could call Basis. I have not heard it side by side with the VPI. The basis is a finely crafted precision tonearm.
I've been very happy with an Audiomods tonearm in my Acoustic Signature Final Tool, a great improvement over the stock Rega. It's a drop in replacement for the Rega (as it is a highly modifed version of the Rega that only uses the arm tube, everything else is replaced.) I can't compare the Audiomods to the JMW9 in my prior VPI Scout other than to say the Acoustic Signature outperforms the VPI by a fair margin.
It took some work but I finally have the JMW tonearm mounted. I had to get shorter standoffs and bolts for the armbase because the JMW tonearm was too high to adjust the VTA correctly. Shortening the armbase by 10mm did the trick and now the VTA on the JMW tonearm can be set perfectly. I haven't mounted the RCA junction box yet, so I am not able to set up the antiskating device for the JMW tonearm, but that doesn't seem to matter. It sounds like it's tracking very well without the antiskating device. The Dynavector 20X2l mounted to the JMW sounds pretty awesome! With my current setup the noise floor is not noticeable until I turn up the volume to way beyond a listenable level. The background is dead quiet too. I listed to a couple of my favorite live recordings and the soundstage is fantastic. I really felt like I was in the room watching the live show. What a treat!