Tonearm Damping

I recently purchased a couple of Herbie's Audio Tube Dampers to reduce the resonance on my tonearm. I have a Project RM6SB with the motor vibration fixed and Edensound threaded brass footers. Cartridge is the Ortofon Cadenza Red and Blue Circle SS phono amp. The tube dampers installed and works great. An audibly noticable difference, but the damper cannot be slid closer to the headshell without hitting the edge of the platter. I'm not interested in replacing the tonearm or turntable, but am wondering if anyone can recommend a more effective or less "omnipresent" device on the tonearm.
Enjoy your listening.
A friend of mine coated his tonearm with clear liquid latex. It can be applied at different locations with different amount to change the amount of vibration you want to damp. It can be removed easily if you don't like the result.
You can try chewing gum. It is cheap and some users wrote, Wrigleys is the most neutral sounding one...
Good point Syntax, Wrigleys make a gum specifically for the Ortofon cartridge - its called Big Red.