Tonearm clips too big, suggestions?

The clips that connect the tonearm to the cartridge are too big. I don't want to squeeze them, I'm afraid I'll crush them. Is there another way? A contact fluid? It's a Lyra Helikon cart. and a Linn Akito tonearm.
Hi Dreadhead, I believe most folks around here will tell you to insert a toothpick into the open end of the clip and squeeze gently with a pair or needle-nose pliers. This has always worked for me, being careful to go slowly and gently. But the few slips I've had indicate that these little buggers are a bit more robust than they look.

Tiny O Rings?
Hesson11 has the best answer.
Another device to squeeze the opening on would be a tiny allen wrench.
Or a nail.
You want a safety device inside the circle so you do not crush the clip flat!!!
I don't ever recall Elizabeth and me agreeing about anything, so you can probably take this one to the bank, Dreadhead! :-)

contact fluid won't help you out on this case...they are designed to bridge the molecular gaps between the metals that are closely/tightly in contact...not bridging metals that aren't or are loosely in contact....
Hesson11 nailed it... or rather, toothpicked it.

I use a ROUND, WOOD toothpick. Round is the shape you want. Unlike plastic, wood compresses a little under pressure - which gives you fine control of just how much reshaping you apply to the clip.
Dear Dreadhead: So what? which your problem? I can see the pictures on your system and I can't see or imagine which the trouble with.

Could you explain it? have you a poor Helikon quality performance level because those clips?

What you can do to improve the cartridge signal quality performance is to re-wire internaly the tonearm for better wires and then to choose better wire connectors with it.

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