Tonearm/Cartridge setup for noise elimination

Is there a procedure, or a correct way to set up the grounding on the Turntable/Tonearm/Cartridge? That is, what is the best place(s) to connect the ground to on the turntable?

I must be doing something wrong with my Tonearm setup. I have a pretty bad ground loop hum which can be non-existent, bad, or worse depending on how I have the IC's configured, and what cartridge I have mounted. I have the issue on 2 separate tables, but both have the same arm.

My set-up - Audioquest PT-6 on a Pink Triangle table. Also, PT-6 on a VPI HW19jr. Each is in a different system. I have the table ground strap properly and firmly connected to the preamp ground post. The table ground strap is integral to the tonearm cable, which connects to the arm via the 5-pin din plug.

Should there be a separate ground strap to the tonearm mount, or the table chassis?

I think your problem sounds a bit vague to me, and I'm unsure what suggestions to give you.

Definitely try other Tonearm Cables, and/or if possible a different pre-amp-amp. The proximity of where you have your turntable in relation to the rest of your audio gear can have an effect.

It's hard to pinpoint when you say you go from having non-existant hum, to very bad.

You're saying that when touching nothing, one time the table plays fine, and another it will hum? Mark
thanks Mark, let me clarify . . .

the degree of the problem is dependent on the set-up. For example, I reconfigured my rack this weekend and the problem is pretty bad now compared to what it was before. The only change I made was the location of the racks, routing of cables, and position of my preamp. The table is on top of one rack, the pre is 2 shelves below it (about 15 inches). Digital components are in the other rack sitting next to it, and the DVD is 12" below, 6" to the right. I know if I fiddle more with cables I'll eventually make the issue disappear, but was wondering if my table i smore suseptible because I'm not grounding the arm/table properly.

On my other table (the VPI) I was trying a new cartridge (DECCA) and it was un-playable. I tried and tried and couldn't make the hum go away. I removed the DECCA and replace the Siignet and it was fine.

I'm going to buy new IC's and tonearm connector - hopefully that will kill it for good?

thanks again, Brad G.