tonearm + cartridge for custom lenco 75

Hey Analog lovers...
need your advise for nice tonearm and cartridge .
I bought a Lenco 75 (PTP4) + heavy plinth ,
which design to have 2 arms 9" and 12".

as understand ,good 12" long tonearms usually better then 9" arms in same price range .
especially for the Lenco 75.

so need your advise for a nice 12" tonearm and nice MC cartridge .
unless you think there's some nice 9" who could do the work.
my budget is 1200$ max for them both.
lower is better , would prefer to spend 800$ if the difference is not meaningful

12" options:

JELCO 750L (many says it good tonearm but it isn't true hi end arm).

9" :
Fidelity research 24
Saec 308N
SAEC 317

cartridge :
Denon 103R, AT 33 or OC9

Jbl L300
SET 845 monoblocks
Pone stage: customize based on Tamura TKS 83 transformess
Anyone can please assist?
Have you tried posting this question on lenco heaven? I have an l 75 with a jmw 10.5i arm and am very happy.
Hi Avico,

It is a little bit above your range. However, you might take a look at the Trans-fi Terminator T3Pro. I have not heard it. Though some very respected members here on AG and Lenco Heaven regard very highly. Also, check Transfi's site for global customers that use it on myriad decks. You will find some of the members on Lenco Heaven use it with their Lenco rebuilds.

It is sold at Transfi's site for less than on Ebay. The USD/GBP is very favorable.
Avico, Also, I have a VPI 12.5 and a Denon Dl S1 on my Lenco rebuild. The Denon can be purchased from Comet Supply for a little under $600. I used to have find numerous inadequacies of my various components. However, with this cartridge, I don't long for another upgrade. I have owned it for 3 years and listen an hours or so per day.

I have had great experiences with unipivot arms (Hadcock 242, Mayware Formula IV, and the VPI). The DL-S1 worked exceptionally well with each arm. The Hadcock and the Mayware can be found at very reasonable prices, used.
Here is a Hadcock on Ebay in England.
Try a unipivot Clearaudio arm, if you can. I think the price is within your range (or starts within the range).
They are simple, well made and sound OK on the Lenco.
Otherwise try a used SME 3012 (or 3009).
Finally, I think Pro-ject sells arms separately. If so, consider at the carbon 12" model.
Mate the arm to the cartridge. The Lenco will do the rest. Just make sure that your chosen tonearm can be mounted on your chosen Lenco.
Thomas Schick 12" should work well. See Lenco forum.
I am in the same boat and while I'm saving up for the 12" Schick tonearm, my near term plan is to use a just acquired SME 3012, Series 2 tonearm and a Denon DL-103 mounted in a wood body. Total came to ~$1300.