Tonearm Cabling

I am looking for an new / additional tonearm cable, from the headshell through the Armtube to the preamp connection.

What is available out there?
who uses what?
Pricing available?

I think, Triplanar is using a Discovery cable, there is also one available from Cardas ....

More ideas?
Heard, Nordost is also offering such a cable ?
Are you talking about a single run of wire from the cartridge to the preamp?
Not a Chinch cable.
Then I'd go with a fine silver cabling from Cardas, Nordost, Silver Cable (probably the best silver cable) or van den Hul. But, just so you know, you're asking for hum problems unless you can figure out a way to shield it from the base of the tonearm to the phono preamp.
Thanks, but I want to rewire a tonearm from the headshell through the Arm and here I need different cables.
That's what I am lloking for.
Thomas, I understand what you are looking for. The companies I mentioned all make fine (as a hair) internal tonearm wire.

My question is: do you want to use the same fine wire all the way to the phono preamp?
What about the Incognito kit (I think there are a couple of others too) for Rega tonearms?
Cmo, I've heard good thing about the Incognito rewires, but I'm pretty sure they terminate at the back of the tonearm, and then you need some kind of interconnect to get from there to the preamp. Here's a copy of an email I sent to someone who inquired:

Generally tonearm internal wiring is extremely fine single or stranded wire. (SME even uses a ribbon coated wire in their Model IV) The advantage of this ultrafine wire is that it doesn't cause resistance to the tonearm bearings.
Plus, the tonearm itself (usually) provides the necessary shielding. But it is very fragile. So much so that separate short connectors are often used to connect the cartridge to this internal wiring -- although some people prefer to solder cartridge clips directly to the end of this fragile wire.

Usually this fine wire is terminated either at the base (main post) of the tonearm with a five-pin DIN plug or a pair of RCA jacks. Sometime the wires just come out of the back of the arm in a big loop, and terminate under the turntable base with an RCA teminal block.

In any case, the run from this "termination point" to the phono preamp is usually accomplished by a pair of singled ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) interconnects whose make up is specifically designed to carry the small voltages of phono cartridges, but which A.) are sturdy enough to sustain plugging and unplugging and general handling and B.) have an outer shield to protect the signal from hum and
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)

That's why I was having trouble understanding Thomas' question.

Find a dealer that does Incognito rewrire kits. The Incognito is One piece (single strand from cart to preamp) of wire x 4 with a ground wire which makes it 5. Some dealers are selling a similar kit for tonearms other than Rega. I also think Incognito is Cardas wire.

VanDen Hul is great wire too. While somewhat expensive compared to Incognito and Discovery.
Discovery wire does Rewire services at a very reasonable cost. Contact Cardas for information on rewires.

Beware of the advertiser that won't give you a sound reference reccomendation. The best dealer(s) will make a very good reccomendation and even point you in the direction to help you get the job done or perform it for you.

There are several really good vendors or dealers out there.
A guy in the West Named Bodhan (spelling) does a wonderful job. He modifies turntables,etc.

Good luck