Tonearm Cable Upgrade for Linn ITTOK DIN cable

I have a Ittok Tonearm with a rather old DIN cable from the tonearm to the preamp. Any suggestions for a better new cable. Nothing too expensive. The VDH cable on the SME arms seems nice ? What do you guy's think ? Thanks
Well...I switched the vDH cable on my SME arm for a Graham IC50 and a Hovland. Both smoked the vdh in my setup.

So, I'm guessing that you'll hear the same off your Linn arm...try one.

Let me know if you want some details...
Try the SilverAudio SilverBreeze tonearm cable. This brings on a level of information the Linn cable was not even close to. And no, it does not make for a bright or analytical presentation. I made this change several years ago and have since changed my Linn/Ittok setup, but the cable has followed along with incredible results. Hopefully the $400 price is a viable option for you.
Linn now makes the T. Kable for that purpose. It's a definite step up from the original Ekos cable I had on my LP12, and is made not to interfere with the LP12 suspension. It's about $400 used, a reasonable value given the cost of quality cables nowadays.
Count this as another vote for the Silver Audio 'Silver Breeze'. I have had mine for two years and I've yet to even consider anything else since the day I installed it.