Tonearm cable recommendations

I think it might be time to 'upgrade' my tonearm cable (using Analysis Plus Crystal Oval interconnect now), as we are listening to records A LOT!

What's out there?

Any recommendations?

Anyone using/used Extreme Phono's Limited Edition cable? I'm thinking of demo-ing it.

Pricing, while important, should not be the major issue here....the sound is the thing.

My equipment: Aries extended, JMW 12.5, Lyra Helikon, McIntosh C100 pre-amp.

Thanks! All help is appreciated! I've learned everything from you Audiogoners over the past year!!

I find the Graham IC-70 to be excellent (I use a DIN to RCA; I'd suggest you use the same, rather than a junction box, if you can). The old IC-30 was good but is likely to be bettered by many of the newer designs.
Harmonic Technologies Silver Phono interconnect is what i have been using for a year now and I am very happy. This company uses (and manufactures it's own) single crystal silver and copper wire that it uses in all its products. Much depth and air to be found with these cables.
I would recommend one of Audioquest's DBS interconnects. Perfect for phono application since the cable is run in by having the dialectric constantly be charged. Cable is very open sounding. I use the Cheetah, its great.

Have you thought of a total replacement from cartridge to rca as a single run?
such as Incognito, I rewired my RB-300 and I'm more than happy w/the results
Cardas Neutral Reference.
i have had surprisingly good results with discovery +4 as a dedicated tonearm cable--a MAJOR upgrade over the vdh i was using. just my 0.02
Your VPI tonearm is wired with Discovery from the factory. Why not try Discovery interconnects, it only makes sense.
VPI itself sells a cable ($199/meter) through Music Direct and other places that's made up of the same Discovery wire used in the arm. Stands to reason that if you like the arm you'll like the cable. I'm planning to try it myself.
Thanks for the responses. Dogeatpuppy, I liked your idea of rewiring but it would defeat the anti-skating function of my VPI JMW arm... it uses that wire coming out of the tonearm to supply anti-skating force.

I looked through Music Direct's catalogue for tonearm wires and have a Nordost Quatro-Fil coming after they burn it in for me. I'll let y'all know how it turns out!


After a "brief" period of use (one week and 10+ hours) on
Nordost Quatro fil tonearm cable, I can definitely say it was a worthwhile upgrade. Most noticeable is the increased 'air' and 'spaciousness'...and there is more defined bass, which is really surprising. I can really hear the upright bass plucking now.

One drawback...I cannot stand to listen to the rest of my components now as they are connected using "lesser" interconnects and sound muddy comparatively. The CD player has some Valhalla on the way. The rest will have to wait!
Jbatlanta: Let me be the first to say, on behalf of the analog brigade, that part of the reason the rest of your system sounds worse is because you're comparing it to your best source! :-) The Valhalla will help, but your CD player ain't analog! Enjoy!
Bad news analogue my CD player sounds waaaay better.... the darn Valhalla cable! Much more definition and highs, much more 'air'... less incentive to buy records!

Whatzupwidat? Do I have to get Valhalla interconnect for the turntable now to keep up with the CD player?
Dear friend: Silver oval by Analysis Plus. The best.