tonearm cable recomendations for Brinkmann?

Thinking about buying brinkmann lagrange set up and wonder if any brinkmann owners can give any feedback,especially on EMT cartridge and tonearm cable
I use the lagrange and brinkmann cartridge and prefer the Nordost quatrofil tonearm cable. I've tried a few (can't remember all the names) but the last before the Nordost was the Audience Au24. I felt that the Nordost passed more information, without any sign of being tipped up. OTOH, the rest of my system is probably different from yours, but I don't think you could go wrong with the Nordost.
Dear Clfcarney : About the tonearm cable, in my opinion, it does not matters the analog rig: " what we want is a cable that is a NEUTRAL one and not a cable that equalize the signal ".
From this point of view I highly recomended the Silver Oval Inn from Analysis Plus. It is not a very expensive cable but outperforms several truly expensive ones that what they do is: equalize the signal, not the Analysis Plus one.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I own the lagrnage / 10.5 / emt - stick to the included arm tube cable and use good quality shielded and low capacitance cable with good quality connectors from the arm base to the phono. Pay no more than $100 for a 1m cable. The rest is snake oil.
Dear Clfcarney:
The Lagrange is a fine TT. However the arm and cartridge that Brinkman offers may not suit you so give these a careful listen against other arms or cartridges (keeping all other variables the same).

Also, depending on your system, a silver tonearm cable and silver IC from arm to phonostage may not be ideal for you. A better conductor silver may be, however this may not necessarily translate to the best sonic results in your system. This applies to all other copper alternatives (gold, rhodium, platinum, etc.).

Please see the discussions concerning our evaluations of the Brinkman arm and cartridge in the following link:

Happy listening!
I tend to view tonarm cable as a seperate component in its own right, and its crucial to how much detail and music the analog system gives out. For copper, the Frank Schroeder fine loom is great. I also understand he is offering cyro'd Valhalla which should be interesting, but i havent heard. Kondo silver is fabulous. IMO these will all do great things on any arm.
With the correct phono stage loading the emt wil really shine - I have heard versus the top vdh and dyna in my setup and massivley preferred the emt - especially at half the price. Without the correct loading it wil sound analytical and thin. For best results stick the emt in an air tangent.
I own a Brinkmann Balance. I recently did phono cable auditions.

Clearly each system is different but these are MY OPINIONS:

1. Transparent Reference MM. (Best Sonics, but very expensive)
2. Shunyata Antares (Great sonics this is an under rated cable)
3. Jena Labs Phono 4 (Good Sonics, Best Value)
4. Nordost Valhalla (OK sonics, but lacks "body")
5. Hovaland Music Grove 2 (Average performance)
6. Sterovox (Poor Sonics and Value)
They may sound different - but only due to the differing capacitance which is important for connection of the MC to the phono stage.