Tonearm cable for VPI Scout JMW9 arm

Looking for comments on a tonearm cable from my VPI Scout table with JMW9 arm to my Dynavector P75 MKII phono preamp. I'm between cartridges at the moment. I had been thinking about the VPI tonearm cable for a couple of hundred bucks since it's essentially the same wire as what's in the tonearm but open to other suggestions. Is a shielded cable crucial for this? Thanks for your comments.

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"my first thought was to try Kimber Hero with a separate ground wire"

I have Hero on my JMW 9 Sig going to a GCPH after trying many in that price range and lower. Hero seems neutral. Do not have a ground wire and am getting slight hum if you listen at the speaker. The VPI cable seems to decrease the highs a bit, but is warm. Hero strikes a balance. Also, both seem to be well made with the Hero have a bit of an edge.

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PS: Have Hero XLR's going from the GCPH to my NAD M3.