Tonearm Cable advice needed

I have a Linn LP12 from way back. Back then the dealer put a "starter" din cable on the Ittok arm. I want to upgrade and want to get a used cable under $300. Any suggestions?
Nordost Frey tends to sell for around there check out and see if it is available in the ads.
New Audioquest Cougar or used Leopard. Flexible for Linn suspension plus the DBS is very good for a tonearm cable signal. I had a AQ Leopard with the LP12.
Jelco cable sounds great and it's within your budget
I just bought a Jelco for my Akito and it seems to be pretty well made...Mogami with some unknown gold din plug/RCAs, and sounds fine. It's red and red cables are usually there's that.
I have heard that purple cable sounds better, but unfortunately Jelco uses the red one...
Purist very quiet and very dynamic.
I use Cardas 33awg and Cardas 24AWG. Happy with both of them but the 24AWG seems tighter bottom and more authority. Either of them with good quality connectors would not cost you more than $200.
You can try a vandenHul 501 Silver litze but do not forget the internal wires of your p.u.arm.I own also the lp12 and i mounted on the back of the turntable female rca plugs and from cartrige to the rca plugs silver litze wire[multistranded]in one go.[also vandenhul,deskadel is the same]Then you do not have to worry about your suspension.