tonearm cable

Hi guys,

I was very happy with the quality of the Audioquest Leopard phono cable (DIN to RCA) connecting a SME 309 arm with Ortofon Jubilee cartridge to a Triode trv-eq3se preamp, when using Monstercable M1000 interconnects and speaker cables.

Since I was not happy with the quality of my CD, I’ve changed all interconnects and speaker cables to Transparent cables (Music Link Plus and Music Wave Plus), and the CD sound quality improved a lot, it got perfect. But the sound of the vinyl got much worse!!

That is, my Audioquest Leopard didn’t match well with Transparent cables, so I would like to ask your suggestions for a phono cable to match with the Transparent interconnect cables.

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Why not use transparent phono cables? They do make special versions for phono use.

Not quite sure how the vinyl got much worse...did somthing else happen ?