Have a Technics SL-1900 and the automatic tonearm isn't lifting and moving over to the album correctly.Reading where many are or had this same problem with this model.Any "HELPFUL"advice for fixing?Thanks.
IIRC, that is controlled by a belt. You should be able to replace the belt and be good to go.
Found this at the vinylengine site:
Cueing Problem
Posted Sat, 06/19/2010 - 20:00 by Schmuck585
I too have the sl-1900 and was used only a few times in the last 15 years. I had a problem with the cueing lever raising and lowering and researched on the internet and found that I had to disassemble the turntable to clean the cueing cylinder and replace the grease (special silicone grease)that over time had leaked out. It is very involved and takes a few hours the first time you do it. There is also an adjustment screw near the lever on the outside that makes an adjustment for where the needle places on the record when it starts.

Good luck.
That doesn't sound encouraging!
Easy fix. Technically less than hour. Same way you service SL1200 or SL1100.
Cz...the SL1100 & SL1200 tables are fully MANUAL. They do NOT have the same mechanism that the semi-auto and fully auto tables have.
Advice get a good turntable.
Ebm,I asked for helpful advise.My Father and Mother didn't leave me millions to spend on audio equipment or what ever.Please only meaningful,intelligent advice.
SL 1900 same similar cue lift mechanism. separating from the auto levers isn't difficult.