tone arm with 10gr mass with 15 gram weight cartridge?

i read about arm mass/compliance match  .
what about arm mass/cart weight?

i of course appreciate your advice , and will use it after i'll decide wich cart i prefer

I went down this rabbit hole of concern when I had to buy a new turntable.  I wanted to use my very light Soundsmith SSMC1 B&O cartridge on a table with a much heavier arm than the B&O table.  I bought the table before I realized this might be an issue.  I never got an answer from forums to my question of, compliance charts notwithstanding, what I might actually hear with a bad compliance match.  I talked to Soundsmith and went for it, using their nylon screws to keep arm weight down.  They advised, assuming the counterweight had enough travel, azimuth and anti-skate would be most important.  I almost ran out of adjustment on the anti-skate, but It sounds fantastic.  I haven’t noticed any resonances if they are there.

Addendum: If you are really interested in performance, you will find that armtube and shell stiffness (young's modulus) greatly outweighs everything else.  Look up your armtube materials.  You might  then want to make your own armtube.  It depends on how high-end you are.  Don't be distracted by less important parameters.