tone arm with 10gr mass with 15 gram weight cartridge?

i read about arm mass/compliance match  .
what about arm mass/cart weight?


Shucks. Ah jest tapes a penny to the top of the headshell and calls it good. (Oh wait, it's no longer April 1st, is it?)

i of course appreciate your advice , and will use it after i'll decide wich cart i prefer

I went down this rabbit hole of concern when I had to buy a new turntable.  I wanted to use my very light Soundsmith SSMC1 B&O cartridge on a table with a much heavier arm than the B&O table.  I bought the table before I realized this might be an issue.  I never got an answer from forums to my question of, compliance charts notwithstanding, what I might actually hear with a bad compliance match.  I talked to Soundsmith and went for it, using their nylon screws to keep arm weight down.  They advised, assuming the counterweight had enough travel, azimuth and anti-skate would be most important.  I almost ran out of adjustment on the anti-skate, but It sounds fantastic.  I haven’t noticed any resonances if they are there.