tone arm with 10gr mass with 15 gram weight cartridge?

i read about arm mass/compliance match  .
what about arm mass/cart weight?


With that tonearm effective mass plus screws and that cartridge weight you should look for a cartridge with 15cu compliance to get approx 8,15hz resonant frequency.

Anything between 8-19cu would be ok, having a range of resonant frequency between 7-12hz.

Make sure though that counterweight is ok to balance the arm.


thanks petg60
 those things are a bit confusing, since difference producers use difference values .
the values of compliance i saw are for example : 28 micron/nM/
or in some other place

12 μm/mN


so how should i translate it to your suggestion? 
from what i read the recommendation for a 10gr arm is cartridge with high compliance.
 "Low mass arms mate well with both moderately high and very high compliance phono cartridges".
and what about the cartridge weight to match the arm mass?


Some manufacturers use "compliance unit" or CU as simpler abbreviation, but it means exactly the same thing as the others.


what is important = Resonance frequency within 7-12Hz, mostly it would do the trick. (The RF has to fall down into a precise interval of frequencies: some say between 8 -12 Hz, but reasonably it would be better between 9 -11 Hz).

And yes the general rule is:

a moderately high or a very high compliance cartridge to a low mass arm (up to 10gr).

a moderate to low compliance one to a moderate mass tonearm (11 -20gr).

(Screws are always added to the arm mass - something between 0,5-1gr).

A cartridge having 5-10cu is considered a very low compliance cartridge, a range between 10-20cu is medium compliance, and values above 30 suggest a very high compliance.