Tone arm upgrade

I'm currently using a Rega RB300 modded tonearm ( aftermarket wiring harness and counterweight). I'd like to consider a step up, have been keeping my eye open for a good condition used Linn Itok arm. Is this the right path or in the $1~$2k price range is I there another good alternative?
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Use the money for a better cartridge or step-up pre. Your arm is fine unless you have a mechanical issue.
The Linn is a much better tonearm, and so is an LP12 TT/
I agree with Jakeman. The Ittok is a wonderful arm, but so is your modded RB300. It would be a lateral move at best.

If your system page is up to date and you are currently using a Dynavector 10X5, which is a fine cartridge, but you can definitely do better.

Your SOTA table would be a great platform for a used SME 309 arm, if you really want a new arm. I sold lots of that combo back in the day and it's a fantastic set up. I would still get a better cartridge for either arm.
The RB300 is a very good tonearm. Your money will be better spent somewhere else in the chain. Get a decent tubed phono pre or a new cart, as Jake suggests.
I moved from an upgraded RB300 to an Origin Live Encounter 3c and have been very pleased.
I concur to Linn tonearm being much better vs. RB300.
I agree with those who say change the cartridge. Put a Lyra Dorian in there and you will be amazed at the difference. If you want to spend less, I recommend a Goldring Eroica. Very good cart for under a grand. That being said, I upgraded from a Rega 600 arm to a used Ekos and it was a big upgrade - as it should be for twice the price used and over 3x the new price. Contrary to what's said around here very often, sometimes the more expensive stuff IS better.
Look into Trans-Fi Terminator straight line tracking tonearm. Having had a Maplenoll Ariadne TT/arm with SLT, the sound the straight line arm produce is not equaled and Trans-Fi has addressed the issues that caused me to sell my Maplenoll--the potential for some place prior to the air reaching the table of having the hose blow off, the pump fail, or something. The Trans-Fi uses such low pressure air flow in its execution that it can ran without any air flow (if something happened) once it's going for several hours without any tendency of the arm locking up. This happened twice with my 'Noll and the cantilever bent severely both times. The sound of the Trans-Fi is better than my 'Noll's and it was way better than anything I've had since. See if you can ever buy a used Tran-Fi. I haven't seen one on here in 6 years and I look a couple times a day. That should tell you about the quality and sound of these arms. No one sells these arms after buying one. $1275 for a fully pimped out specimen plus shipping. Go on their website and see all the different tables with one on there including yours. The look is much like the actual cutting mechanism used to make records.
A Basis Vector tonearm has the same mounting distance and will drop in the same mounting hole if your Rega is a single hole mount. It will be a very significant upgrade from your Rega tonearm. you will not be disappointed. They occasionally show up used.
What does better mean in terms of actual sound....I don't think the upgrade would bring that much. If you nit pic...sure it might do better but I would think there isn't much value in the upgrade. A cartridge change is in order however.
+1 on Origin Live. I had the same upgrades to an RB300 as you, but upgrading to an OL Encounter was a revelation. Vastly superior. Have since moved up to an OL Conqueror, and really have no further urge to change arms.
Here is what I have to say.
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Yeah that's right.
Sorry, by better sound I will be more specific. Due to many things that are part of this tonearm such as a stiff and much shorter armwand, the bass has real clarity and punch, the mids are just plain beautiful sounding along with the highs. EVERY album you listen to will be easier on your ears and yet have superior definition and dynamics. There will be ONE PROBLEM--- shutting off the music and going to bed at a reasonable time. Soundwise compared to other arms, the Trans-Fi would be a great buy at 4-5 times it's price.
The Transfi Terminator linear tracking air bearing arm is about $1000. I found it to be a real revelation compared to my tricked out RB300. There are several good post on the Agon forum and reviews.
Appreciate all the comments, its been a while since I've had motivation to shop tonearms. Where I know the Rega fails is in arm resonance versus an Ittok, looking for better resonance damping. I'm quite happy with the Musical Phonomena II+ phono pre feeding Microzotl as pre, but can hear some loss of clarity on massed instruments with LP that I don't experience with digital playback.
For that budget you can get a used Graham, which will beat most anything in that price range.
For that budget you can get a used Graham, which will beat most anything in that price range.
And you know this how.......?
Agree with Jperry about the Basis Vector. I could not believe the sound improvement over my Rega 300 and Hadcock 228. For me though it was the most logical move since I have a Basis TT. But WOW!
Audiomods - there are two models available and you can decide on whether to include the Micormeter VTA or not

I have the Classic (series 3)with the bead-blast finish and the Micrometer VTA and the gold counterweight - looks stunning

Beautifully made and offers superb performance. Simple to install as well.

Takes about 6 weeks to arrive - it's basically a custom build.
- You send Jeff the details of your turntable and cartridge and he takes care of the rest.

If you cartridge is not a good match he will tell you, or tell you how it can be matched to the arm.

Probably the best single component I've ever purchased - i.e. from a satisfaction perspective.

Ask Jeff to install the KLE Innovations Absolute Harmony RCA's for the best performance.

Don't let the fact that he uses a Rega arm tube put you off - this arm is no Rega - it's what Rega SHOULD have provided from the get go :-)

I've used it with the stock Denon DL103, but have since upgraded to the Soundsmith DL103 - and that's another worthwhile upgrade

Never been happier :-))))

I tried pushing the Audiomods arm here (in a thread on the subject of the best current value in an arm) awhile back Willie, and got a lot of blow back. The fools ;-)!
I agree about the Trans-Fi Terminator. Don't let the name put you off - it is a first class piece of work, with clever design substituting for the need for expensive, high precision parts. It is at home in an expensive ESL system.

Also, Vic, the owner of Trans-Fi, was on a mission to improve my system. He gave me good advice and material support, far beyond the self-interest of a manufacturer or retailer. If air-bearings scare you, let Vic be your guide.
Bdp24, to each their own, but it seems we know :-)))

What cartridge are you using?

Several other members own audiomods and they all love them

The Audiomods is a very good option,especially for Rega TT's,
but there are many great arms to choose from.

Unfortunately, to get the very best out of an Audiomods arm
requires an alloy subplatter and an acrylic platter.

And - To top it off install the ceramic bearing!

I also built a more stable plinth and installed a motor
upgrade, so the only thing left of
my Rega? - the lid and the switch :-)))

Last arm I'll ever buy..
I can't wait to install the Tran-Fi Terminator arm with all the upgrades on my super Lenco TT with most of Jean Nantais' mods. I have the electrical all in place from my days with the Maplenoll Ariadne. The closet in the far corner of my basement has sound control inside it and an outlet with the on/off switch located directly at my TT--NO NOISE AT ALL.
Until you've heard a properly working straight line tracking arm, you most likely haven't heard your analog at its best.
I was doing research on an arm to replace my own rewired RB300, and had narrowed it down to a couple, including the Audiomods. My cartridges (both Londons) present about as difficult a challenge to an arm as any out there. Some argue the Audiomods arm is not up to that challenge, an argument of which I have yet to be convinced ( I could of course buy one to find out!). I was also looking at the Kuzma Stogi Reference (which appears to perhaps be a better choice for use with the London's), but the cost of one wired with a continuous loom of silver from cartridge clips to KLE silver RCA plugs (also available in the Audiomods) is over $5,000, more than I am in a position to spend ( I doubt anyone considering the Audiomod is either!). I ultimately went with a different arm, the identity of which I am not at liberty to divulge ;-). I spent more than I had been planning to, but will never need to replace it.
"I ultimately went with a different arm, the identity of which I am not at liberty to divulge ".

Why? Is it from Outer Space? Did the Russian government threaten you? Geez.
Yeah, I know Mofi, sorry. I can't even reveal WHY I can't talk about it!