Tone arm to JC-3 interconnect

I need advice about selecting 30" interconnects from my SME 3009 Series III arm with Ortofon SME 30H cartridge to my Parasound Halo JC-3 phono preamp. I'm using some AQ cable now and have Mogami 2534 on order. Needs to be RCA at both ends, and I'd like to stay below $1K, preferable well below.

The 30H is designed for 400 pF loading, the JC-3 input is 150-200 pF, the arm is mounted on a Thorens TD 124 if any of that's relevant.

Obviously, lots of choices and opinions. FWIW, I've been using Silver Audio's Silver Breeze for many years with great results. Fast and transparent it is reasonably priced by high end standards, now in the 700-800 dollar range.

Also Max Kreifeldt of Silver Audio offers great customer service which is important for the longterm.
SignalCable offers custom order for Tonearm cables top performance for small money
I currently have a fully tricked out VPI Scout along with a Parasound JC-3 and the best cable I've found is the AQ Sky IC running at 100VDC DBS.

With it's DBS bias and no dielectric contact with the internal wiring, the Sky produces a most vivid, colorful and solid 3D image I've yet heard from either of my cartridges mounted on a VPI JMW-9 Signature tonearm which include a Lyra Kleos and an Audio Technica AT150ANV.

In fact the AT150ANV out tracks the Kleos and produced a more delineated and accurate soundstage then the Kleos and this is on two separate but identical JMW-9 Signature tonearms which bears witness to the transparency of the AQ Sky IC.