Tone arm resonance and cartridge compliance: How do they interact??

I read many years ago about the importance of tonearm resonance. How does that affect sound quality, and also cartridge compliance  How do you determine tonearm /cartridge compatibility??



After so many years of posting this link people still asking the same question. There is an answer. 

The most common mistake is to make a wrong calculation using a compliance figure printed in the cartridge manual if this compliance measured at 100Hz, because for correct calculation we must know a compliance measured at 10Hz. 

If you see dynamic compliance measured at 100Hz first you have to do is to convert it to 10Hz using x1.7 formula. 

Then follow instruction in this link.  

To measure actual resonance of your particular cartridge and tonearm you need a Hi-Fi News Test LP, this is the only was to see what is the resonance and what's going on with a cartridge and tonearm in this situation: 

"Tracks 2 & 3: Cartridge & Arm, Lateral & Vertical Resonance Test
These two tracks are used to test the resonant frequency or your tonearm and cartridge combination in both the vertical and horizontal domains. These tracks offer both a visual and auditory indication of the resonant frequency; the stylus will “wobble” and the test tone will warble. A resonant frequency between 8 - 15Hz is ideal." 

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Another interesting link.
there are 4 posts on cartridge matching in the blog and a calculator, read the blog posts first.