Tone arm holes do not line up - best way to attach TT?

I bought a new Reed tone arm (3p 12" Tonearm Ruthernium) and the holes do not line up on my Haas table. I'm new to vinyl ... can I attach it with double sided tape? I can use silicon which is strong and can be easily removed? Or, does this approach negate the dampening of table? I've  gone to great lengths to isolate with a rack, spikes and 3" thick maple slab that the TT rests on. What is the "normal" way when that happens? Thanks in advance. 
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Any ideas on cartridge alignment? I spend an hour on forums and youtube and no one addresses the issue when the alignment falls outside the ability of the arm head-shell to adjust.
Your alignment issue is the result of an improper pivot-to-spindle distance. That's what needs to be corrected.
What do you mean? Your arm has VTA on the fly. Are you talking azimuth? Or...? Because if not what else is there?? 
Please note the very first thing I said was to make sure you have correct spindle to arm distance.
you are going to have one shot at the hoop with tape, there is no second chance at proper location. think about some sort of guide pins to get it exactly right the very first time.
So you took off a 9" or 10" and you’re installing a 12".

6" to the right? That is what you posted. Your setup is for a shorter arm?

If I’m hearing what your saying... Did I miss something?

I have to move close to 4" to the right. Changing from a 9 to a 12 on a TD124. I have to go outside the chassis to mount it. You aught to see it with a 16". Really!

The tonearm must be mounted so that it has a fixed relationship between the TT spindle and the the tonearm pivot and that relationship should be very ridged. Any movement between the two points will be read as a signal being generated in the cartridge causing a blurring of the music. Remember, there is a lot of vibration being fed into the cartridge, It travels up into the tonearm. You don't want the tonearm vibrating around. It should be held secure.