Tone arm holes do not line up - best way to attach TT?

I bought a new Reed tone arm (3p 12" Tonearm Ruthernium) and the holes do not line up on my Haas table. I'm new to vinyl ... can I attach it with double sided tape? I can use silicon which is strong and can be easily removed? Or, does this approach negate the dampening of table? I've  gone to great lengths to isolate with a rack, spikes and 3" thick maple slab that the TT rests on. What is the "normal" way when that happens? Thanks in advance. 
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Hi. Thanks for your input. It is a Hanss t-30 (sorry for error) It does have an arm board that I can drill. I do not have a tap and die set so I'd end up using screws instead of machined bolts. 

I used double sided tape on my previous arm and it held very well, was rock tight and came off without a trace (gorilla tape). But I realized that it might compromise the vibration control. 
Another way to go might be to find a thin template of wood you could screw down into the existing arm pod, that would accept wood screws to attach the Reed. You might need some washers to avoid the screw going too deep.

this is assuming you have sufficient play to adjust VTA height, it would still be less than ideal but likely better than tape. The least bad approach.

the top of the arm pod is not big enough to allow tape to fully grip the Tonearms base.
That was my fear- very small base, combined with a lot of mass off to one side, not good for tape. 

As for the vibration control aspect of it, just get that tape. You can thank me later.
OK. The stereophile article does not show the other side where there is another mount that has 3 threaded bolt holes. I just used a screw and successfully attached the arm into one of the holes. The other holes do not line up but the one screw is holding it tightly and the arm is sitting on a base with good contact.

The mounting distance is right on per the template. BUT ... the cart will not line up, even at the extreme position on the head of the arm. It is off like 1/4" so not even close. It needs to turn clockwise more but it is at the max position. I took the arm off and moved it by hand and it would need to be 6" to the right of the turntable for the cart to be able to line up properly.

Thanks for your help on this Saturday. I really appreciate you both.
The fO.q tape is available on ebay - $57 for a sheet. Does that sound about right?