Tone arm for SOTA/ZYX

Looking for recommendations for a new tone arm for my SOTA Nova. Cart is a ZYX Airy 2. Rest of system is FS Presence Dlx2, ZYX pre-pre, Hagerman Trumpet, Joule VZN-80 and Merlin MMs. I presently have an OL Silver and would need a new armboard for it, at cost of about $280, drilled. I have an armboard for an SME arm. Resale value of OL Silver about $5-600? Resale value of SME armboard about $125. Don't mind spending some additional $, but not ready to go whole hog on a super arm. Should I just get a new board for the OL Silver, look at a used SME Mk IV or V at about $1400-1600, or try something else? Should be relatively easy to set up and stay set up, if you know what I mean. This is a secondary source for me due to my hectic schedule. TIA
SME would be an excellent choice. Alternatively, if you can find one, would be Sumiko's MDC-800, "The Arm." The SOTA tables were originally developed with both arms.
Hi Swampwalker,

An SME IV or V would be a fine match for a ZYX with the silver headshell weight, which yours had when last I saw it. ;-)

They are excellent arms, more refined than an OL Silver, and are easy to set up and live with. They lack VTA on the fly, but if vinyl's your second source you may not care. You probably won't find that feature on a good arm for $1,500 anyway.

Another great choice in that price range would be a new Moerch DP-6. I haven't heard one but they have a fine reputation. Different weight arm wands make the Moerch arms suitable for nearly any cartridge. Great lookers too.


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I'll play devil's advocate. Since this is not your primary source I'm thinking why not try the Silver on the Nova for short change? This is a great example of a better table allowing an arm to shine more to its fullest. You could always do the arm upgrade latter.

Me, I'd shoot for the moon but I don't have your schedule. :)

Good luck!
Thanks, guys.