Tone arm cable recommendations

I am looking for a tone arm cable (din to rca) for an OL modified Rega RB250. It will sit on a SOTA Star Sapphire TT with a Benz Glider cartridge. My pre is a BAT VK3i w/ the internal phono stage. My budget is $100-200 used. Any ideas? I usually listen to acoustic jazz, bluegrass, folk, blues, and some rock. Many thanks in advance.
michael: when i had a similar need with my long-gone smeV, i used a "pib" interface box instead of din>rca interconnects. the pib allows you to plug the male din lead into it and attach any rca's out you choose. another alternative is one i used for my airtangent 2b. with the assistance of aj conti at basis (he useta import and repair airtangent), i was able to take the tonearm leads directly to female xlr connectors that i installed neatly into a box that i attached to my tt stand. this allowed me to run my phono fully balanced from tone arm to pre to amp, a very pleasing circuit. since my phono stage was a separate section of my 3-box pre of the time (jrdg consummate), i was able to use 1/2 meter runs of interconnect from "tonearm" to phono; these were, of course, the least costly in my system. -kelly
before any of the cognoscente jump me, let me correct my last post. the air tangent mentioned was a 10b, not 2b. sorry. -kelly
aq makes various priced tails and should fill the bill.