Tone Arm Balancing

First of all, I don’t know if this would go under "vintage", but it seemed the only logical choice. I read the posts from 7+ years ago, and I am now more confused. I’m bringing my Technics SL1300 MK2 out of mothballs from the early 80s. I’m trying to remember the procedure for balancing the tonearm. I pushed the counterweight onto the tonearm, felt it seat properly, and it balanced pretty easily. I then turn the counterweight until it read 1.5 grams. I think that’s what the old Pickering cartridge wanted back so many years ago. I then matched the anti-skate with the same 1.5 setting. Did I do it right?


You correctly did the original setup, but a few ideas to consider today. You can acquire a digital scale for very low price and get a better outcome as the balance and trust the counterweight “dial in” has been shown to have a lot of variation. Also the recommendation today on antiskate is to do much less than tracking force on the older arms. I would start at 1/3 the tracking force and adjust by ear if needed. The original settings were usually much more than actually required. Best of luck.


When  you balanced your tonearm to floating level, did you hold weight and turn the dial until the zero on the scale lines up with the mark?   Kind of a key item before your rotate entire assembly to line up to the 1.5 grams.   I use a digital scale nowadays.   Easier, more accurate.