Tonality of Jay's Transport?

Having demo'd the Pro-ject RS2 and compared it to my Sim260DT, I'm well aware that transports differ in terms of their capacity for reading data off a disc. 

I returned the Pro-ject (I found its small size and light weight impractical) before it was burned in and therefore garnered little sense of how it affected the overall tonality of my system. Furthermore, it was demo'd before I acquired my current integrated. 

Now I am considering purchasing the Jay's and am wondering if anyone can comment on its tonality. I'm particularly interested in how it might affect the mids in my system. 

Although my Aqua La Voce 2 DAC and Silverline SR17.5 monitors are typically regarded as warm, I've found my Hegel H390's neutral character has a greater impact on the sound of the system, overall. I often turn up the mids to 2 - 0 - clock on my Schiit Lokius and would not want a transport than would impart any sense of lean-ness. As I cannot return the Jay's, I feel a need for caution, here. 






Many thanks for the clarification.

While I've not measured the bass extension in my room, I'm confident it does not remotely approach 18hz. 

I would like to know if Jay’s Transport will play downloaded Flac files.
I download a lot of concerts from NUGS or Munck Music then burn them to
a disc with great results. When I asked Jay’s about this he claimed redbook
only. Has anybody here had success playing Flac Files on Jay’s Transport?

My Jay's transport plays FLAC files from JRiver that I burn without problem.

Thank you Jaymark

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't most files on JRiver aren't they 

originally Redbook files ? My old CEC Tl2 would not play 

burned CD"s until I swapped out resistors with the advice of 

Nick Gowen in San Jose ,Ca. True Sound .I have This CEC TL2 that won't die

and I have this erg to upgrade! I would like to get Jays latest Transport

However Alvin says it won't work! I am not convinced by his comment.

Just short of sending Jay's some  CD's of these downloaded shows.

Flac files to try out!  Does anybody here do  download off NUGS

FLAC files That will play on Jay's Transport?

There is a lot of great live music that is available today without

over processing and engineering?

Thanks for your Time! 

Does anybody here do  download off NUGS

FLAC files That will play on Jay's Transport?

Jay's CDT plays Redbook CDs. 

The confusion lie on whether these FLAC files are burnt to the disc as a 'Data Disc' or an 'Audio CD'.

A Data Disc may content mixed files types, i.e. FLAC/mp3/AIFF/etc.

Audio Disc, often known as Rebook CD, is a standard disc with audio content medium digitized at 44,100Hz. 


Hope this clarifies!


Alvin @

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