Tonal Controls Line Pre-Amp with XLRs.

I may be barking up the wrong tree here, but I am looking for a quality Used Pre-Amp that has Treble and Bass Control and comes with XLR's Balanced outputs. Is there such a Pre-amp other than Professional audio gears. Thanks for any info. Steven-
Try the Sunfire Tube preamp- it sells for 1500-1999 or the Mcintosh C42 which has great versatility in an 8 band EQ it retails for 3700 but put a wanted on both in Audiogon and you may get either for less.Also The C-5 by Luxman has these features and sells for 3800 I think.
I forgot to mention the NAD 118 digital preamp for 1000 and also some older Mcintosh units like the C712 ot the C40. The C712 is usually available used for 750 and under.