Ton Evans Audio - Linear B MK 2 monoblaocks

Just a heads up for folks who like Tom Evans equipment.  His highly acclaimed monoblocks - The Linear Bs - have been upgraded to MK2.  If you own his MK1s you'll already know how good the Linears are. If you don't, check out some of the on-line reviews.  I've now got a three week old pair of MK2s (via the upgrade route) and I can tell you that they are an order of magnitude better.  I'm no expert but I can tell you that they're more powerful than a pair of Graham Fowler's Trichord D3s that I also own - and they're 300 watt amps.  As far as I can tell they do all the good stuff - great sound-staging, great separation and definition of individual notes while bringing them together to reveal the rhythm and musicality of whatever I play.  I can also say that quite often it really does seem as if the percussion, bass or vocal are right their in the room with me.  On top of that - which I've noticed now that I'm a couple of weeks down the running-in road - while maybe not exactly like being at a live venue they do have the knack of turning music into a living thing.  This sounds silly, I expect, or pompous perhaps but I don't know how else to describe it.  It's just that everything seems exactly like that, as if it were a living breathing thing emerging from the speakers.  It is a wonderful listening experience!  Percussion sparkles like firelight, Bass snakes, twines and pulses; vocals soar and dive, their emotional quality coming across perfectly.   So, if you are a fan, already do check them out.  Oh, and by the by, the Master groove is also something else and the Master Vibe is in the pipeline!