Tommy Emmanuel

I have been blessed to have seen many of the finest guitar players the world has to offer. Clapton, Santana, Jeff Beck, Steve Morse,Michael Hedges, and others. Tonight I saw some of the finest acoustic guitar playing ever from an Australian transplant named Tommy Emmanuel. Apparantly, he has been around for a long time and is a disciple of the late Chet Atkins. I was extremely impressed by his complete mastery of the guitar and more importantly, he was having a good time on stage. It was not just speed and technical skills. I do not own any of his music. Any fans or suggestions for recordings to pick up?
He's been around in Australia for over 30 years and has a brother (Phil I think) who also plays a mean guitar.
forgot to mention there is a local guy --Stephen Bennett--who opens for T E when he has been here--Bennett has a great beatles only guitar cd---
I really like his "Only" cd. I've seen him a number of times in the Richmond area, he really does have a great time on stage!
centerstage is one of my favorite CD'S from him. It's live and very diverse. Love it
Also one of my favorites is Laurence juber. Check him out
You should check Tommy's teenage protege, Joe Robinson, his latest album "Time Jumpin" was recorded in Nashville. he is a prodigy who grew up in the bush near me in Australia. Virtuosic fun with real musicality.
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