Tom Waits on Austin City Limits

I just watched a Tom Waits performance from long ago and thought it was awful. This was on my local PBS station a couple weeks ago and even though I have quite a few of his cd's going through all phases of his career it was very difficult to get through this performance which I would guess would be from the late seventies. If any one knows of this performance and can shed some light on it it would be appreciated.
That's funny. I saw the same Austin City limits and was floored. I am a huge Waits fan and thought it compared favorable to the show I saw him do down here at SXSW a couple of years ago.
Cmo, Austin TX
This is a hair off topic, but since this is a Waits thread, I need to ask...My favorite album of all time is "Heart of Saturday Night." I wonder if there is anything from Waits live, from this era? His voice wasn't quite as raspy and the music much more jazz-centric.

Anyone know?

"Heart of Saturday Night" came out in 1974 and "Nighthawks at the Diner" is a live double album recorded in 1975.
Excellent! Thanks so much Herman...I am going to find it tonight!

If you buy "Nighthawks At The Diner," be prepared to laugh your head off. There is a tune titled: "Better off Without A Wife" that always cracks up any group of male visitors. It's not disrespectful of women, just a truthful look at the (supposedly) lazy nature of Tom Waits persona in this song.

I enjoy most of his albums with the exception being "Mule Variations." Maybe with time I will come to appreciate it as well.
That is an interesting observation Albert, I thought "Mule Variations" was a bit of a return to old form and I like it much better than some of his 1990's stuff like "Bone Machine" that I find to be more irritating than enjoyable.

I also recommend "Rain Dogs," not quite as accessible as his earlier works but rewards repeated listenings and has some great tunes.

BTW, if you are a Tom Waits fan then check out his friend Chuck E. Weiss' "Extremely Cool." I think this is the Chuck E. from Rickie Lee Jone's "Chuck E.'s in Love" but I could be wrong about that. Other fine efforts are Tom Waits cover albums by John Hammond "Wicked Grin" and Holly Cole "Temptation."
You got it right Herman! That is Rickie Lee's boy Chuck E. Weiss. And guys, the only Tom Waits song I can handle is "Step Right Up" and that's cause it's so funny. I find he's a much better actor.
I second the good mention of Holly Cole's "Temptation" It's a good tribute album.

"Heart of Saturday Night" is special to me not only because my Dad played it so often when I was a youngster, but because of tunes like "Diamond On My Windshield" and "Ghosts of Saturday Night" Those tunes tell stories that I thoroughly enjoy hearing time and again.

I did just pick up "Nighthawks At The Diner" but I didn't listen to any tracks in the car yet (I have a great system as far as auto audio goes)

Thanks again!
A bit off topic,gang, but I did see Chuck E. Weiss here in Frisco last year and he was very funny,entertaining witty,original and had band of crazy hipsters backing him that really swung.If he and waits ever did a show together,that would be something! John
I would have to disagree...I witnessed this older Waits performance on PBS as well...and promptly went out and purchased more Waits music...I would add though...this is Waits at his most bohemian/avant-garde phase...which might turn some off...I found it very entertaining, moving, and very musical...wish this performance was available on any format@
John Hammond did an entire album of Waits' material too called "Wicked Grin" that is worth a listen if you have not already.

I remain,
I've seen it myself a couple of times,and I consider it very good,however as you didn't enjoy it,beg, borrow,steal,or even kill and watch a copy of,Big Time,and,if you don't like this also then you need to consider your allegiances!