Tom Tutay Transition Audio Design Preamp

Just looking for some info and thoughts from owners or people that may have heard his preamp.
Admittedly ... not me. But I have posted a number of comments about Tom before. Search the Forum.

Tom is a great guy and a solid tech.

Good luck.
I just bought and installed a pair of the 1570.  Mine is # 19 of 28 produced.  Holly Cow.  They just keep asking you to turn them up, and the higher you go, the better they sound.  Don't take that wrong.  They are amazing at low volume, their is just no fatigue with them.  Clarity - Wow.  Tonal Balance - Wow.  All around the best amps I have had in my system.
Tom Tutay built a preamp for me in late 2003 in my Precision Fidelity C8 chassis as the C8 had gone south.  It is a 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7 dual mono design with an external power supply.  It is awesome and still running strong in 2016.
Met him one time,honest person ,very knowledge about tube amp and preamp.
but never use his product,seem very rare in the market,but never hesitate to try if show up.