Tom Russell Anyone?

I went to see folk/rock/roots/americana singer Tom Russell Sunday night in an out of the way venue called the Waiting Room in Omaha, NE. What an outstanding performer he is! Part poet part philosopher, he writes the most powerful, touching lyrics you have ever heard. If you have not heard him you can check out his latest release "Blood and Candle Smoke" or "Borderland" to get an idea of this American treasure.
i agree. excellent songwriter and musician.
Also agree.

For me, Borderland is one of the top five best albums no one has given a listen to. Beyond that, it's great for showing off the low frequency capability of one's system, in addition to being an overall terrific sounding recording.

Sometimes, I'll play it for a Johnny Cash fan, and they'll be more than impressed. A few friends of mine immediately ordered the CD right after I told them it wasn't the Man in Black.

Saw him in Philly about five years ago, playing to an empty room, and he was seriously pissed off that no one in these parts either knew who he was, his event didn't get the proper level of promotion, or people just didn't want to see him. Promised me he'd fix that.
I listened to Borderland at an audio dealer shop in Atlanta. Bought it on line the next day. Excellent.
for something a bit different a cd The Wounded Heart of America with Tom Russell featuring various artists is very good. w/ joe ely,johnny cash, suzy boggus, iris dement, dave alvin and others.
Although I've never been lucky enough to see him perform, I agree w/all the above & also really enjoy "The Man from God Knows Where".
Tom started out recording with a band, The Tom Russell Band, by coincidence; and they put out some great albums. "Poor Man's Dream" and "Road to Bayamon" are probably my favorites but they are all good. Same great songwriting but with a killer band.