Tom Petty "Hypnotic Eye"

I'm a huge fan, IMO, one of the greatest American bands to date. Their lps have always sounded very good. So what's wrong with their latest, (sonically)?

It's obviously trending in the digital direction which somehow has mostly been avoided up until now.

I'm a dedicated analog listener. I realize most of the recent recordings are digitally based. Somehow this latest TP lp is not grabbing me. It lacks SOUL! I love the content, it doesn't grab me as much as "Mojo" did.

Compared to "Mojo", their last lp, "HE" is sterile, bland, while being a record I really want to get into! I'm not tapping my foot/feet, bobbing my head.

I listened, streamed, to it and therefore I can't get a good "sonic" feel for the recording. But I thought it was well done and the writing was good. I am also a big TP fan and enjoy most all of his work. I wouldn't hold this up to Full Moon Fever or other recordings, but I am considering a vinyl copy, but if you say the recording is poorly done, I may stick with streaming.
After another listen, I realized the soundstage has no width beyond the speaker boundaries which a first for me with TP lps. I tried adding .04 additional tracking force. This made it much more listenable. I don't have to do this with any other lp. The vinyl is noisy also.
If interested, I've gone more in depth with my review on Amazon. (SLS)
Thanks, I think this is one to get on CD and avoid the vinyl.
The session was recorded 24/48. My LP sounds damned good: uncompressed with detail, separation, layering, width, bass control, and free of surface noise. Above all there is TOTL Petty songwriting and a return to gritty R&R that's been missing from his last few.
Dgarretson: Is your copy an import? Mine is. As I've reported (Amazon: SLS) my copy came in as a "sick human in need of rehabilitation". Since I've bought mine, (through Amazon), the price had dramatically decreased.

I was made aware of an "audiophile" version out now. Elusive Disc prices it as $51.99! No way!

I will say, all of the effort I made to bring this lp "back to life" paid off.

The soundstage is still limited to within the inner boundaries of my speakers.
One thing I/I think we all have a right to expect from a modern day recording from a well respected artist is a recording that has at least a decent soundstage. If this was released only in mono, I'd be Ok.

There is possibly/maybe differing pressings already? Amazon has dramatically decreased their asking price by over $10.00 since my purchase.
My ongoing response has me worried that there may be differing sources for this (lp) already. Highly unusual these days.

In the past, IMO, Dgarretson's posts on lps have mirrored mine. More research needed?

The deluxe version, out now, I think pressed at Bernie Grundman, mastered by Chris Bell is available if one wants to spend ($51.99). (I just ordered the Beatles Mono Box, @ $350.00, it's a MUCH more affordable vinyl history than ONE lp from TP!

I stand by my assessment of my copy of TP's latest. You are all free to spend your money as you wish.
I can stand by my assessment that there maybe several pressings out there, already.

I say this partly because of my own evaluation of my pressing (import), and an A'gon member's evaluation of his pressing.

I put on/am currently listening to "Mojo". I've really never had a problem with my pressing of this lp. It has The complete sonic signature is very well represented and enjoyed,

The differing results (have) to be from our listening to 'different pressings'!

IMO, there can be now other reason.
I bought the CD and I like it. It has good sound quality and several tunes that I like.
Much better than his last efforts.
I can't speak to the vinyl release, but if you have the seedee version and you don't like the quality of the recording, you should question your playback gear. This one is pretty darn good.

I haven't heard the vinyl yet, but every darn song on the HE CD sounds great to me, and I've listened to it a number of times now. Listening to it here in Tallahassee, I find it to have a convincing soundstage and presence, and overall I just find it to be an exceptional recording.
I haven't investigated this issue with my vinyl copy further but I will say the following:

(1) I pre-ordered mine from Amazon
(2) When it arrived, I found the (issues) I've described
(3) A fellow A'goner, whose opinion I value, disagreed with mine
(4) I noticed my lp is an (import), not a heavy vinyl either.
(5) I asked the fellow A'goner if their copy was an import, no reply
(6) I noticed on Amazon that after my purchase, the going price now is under $12.00 (I initially paid over $26.00
(7) I contacted Amazon with the difference in their asking price.
(8) Amazon refunded my cc over $16.00

My gut tells me that there is an import vinyl that you need to stay clear of.
Hi Slaw, Sorry that I missed your query the first time around and then became fully absorbed by the Beatles in mono...

My good-sounding copy of Hypnotic Eye was pressed at Pallas in Germany. "Reprise Records. Manufactured in Germany." on the label with 1-544259 engraved in the dead wax. As Pallas generally does top-notch work it is no surprise that this sounds good.
Thanks!I compared my copy to yours. It seems they are the same. So, what is the difference? I've done zero research on this. I've played it again and I'm still unimpressed with the sonics and overall "stereo" presentation.

I'd be very interested in your evaluation of the Beatles Mono Box on that thread?
I separately purchased all the Beatles monos except for the earliest albums. They all sound great! For a proper comparison of their relative sonics I need to run through them back-to-back when the system is fully warmed up. Maybe this week...

I noticed at the record store last week that there is now a double LP of Hypnotic Eye. Has anybody tried this one?
It seems there is a "lag" between our responses.

I believe you'd been better off purchasing the "box".

I have a hard time relating your findings of the "same" TP lp as my findings.
Dgarretson: I mentioned this "audiophile" lp earlier. Are you OK?
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