Tom Petty fans

You need to run to your nearest music store/source for CDs.
Petty has reformed his band "Mudcrutch" which was the forerunner of the "Heartbreakers". Really good stuff.
VERY cool...
Lets hope it is better than the "highway" album - I was not impressed with that one - kinda so so, IMHO.

The Heartbreakers usually sound great in concert - very attentive to sound detail and a serious experienced road crew. They are touring again this year - so I hope I'll catch them. I really love the addition (about ten years ago) of Steve Ferrone on drums - he has a great feel and groove - never over does it - a true artist.

Tom Petty is a serious audiophile.

At home he enjoys music on his ATC SCM 50ASL speakers.
this is a great cd. my favorite since the first heartbreakers album.....dwight twilley's new live cd is great as well.
I saw them in Santa Cruz the other night. Their live show ROCKS! Tom Petty plays bass guitar as he did with them back in the old days. Nice driving music.
Acoustic Sounds lists the vinyl -- on two discs from Reprise -- for release on June 24. And with a bonus CD! I'm waitin' for that.