Tom Petty Damn The Torpedoes Blu-ray Audio

Anybody heard this? Mine has been ordered already.

Expanded Deluxe Edition with download FLAC 24/96 which is great for my iTunes server. I'll convert the FLAC 24/96 to AIFF 24/96.

I have been highly impressed by the audio of Blu-ray Live Anthology and Blu-ray Mojo - so I am hopeful about another magical sounding Blu-ray audio release from Tom Petty's engineer Ryan Ulyate. I am not big on the 5.1 sound from a Blu-ray machine (can't be bothered to fiddle with teh clumsy interface) but I sure find the 24/96 2 channel mixes well worth adding to my music server collection in iTunes. (All my music is minimum 16 bit 44.1 with some recent additions now in 24/96 from HD Tracks etc - I refuse to buy lossy compressed audio from the iTunes stores.)
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How can you transfer the Blue Ray 24/92 2 channel mixes from the Blue Ray disc to your server? I'm sure many would be interested in learning this trick. I'm betting it will sound great and I'm a big Petty fan also!
Not sure yet how to rip Blue-ray audio - when I eventually get a BD drive for my Mac then I'll try to figure it out. As far as I know, currently this is not easy to do at all.

The Torpedoes comes with a link & code to access a download server with the Hi-res 2 channel files - so that solves that pesky problem!
Shadorne, So did Mojo and I never got it to work.

I believe DVD Audio Extractor is capable of ripping BR discs now as well as DVD Audio, and SD DVDs. I've not looked lately but I thought they were headed that way not long ago.

Tom is getting reasonably prolific as of late huh?
Update 1 : The two channel 24/96 is also available from HD Tracks

Update 2: There was an error on "disc 1" of the 24/96 download from Push Media (link for download comes with the BD disc). As of today, that error with the FLAC files has been corrected.

I still have not received mine but I'll add an update on the SQ once I have listened to it.
Well I downloaded the two channel 24/96 Flac files and converted to AIFF (for iTunes) without a problem and have been listening to both the two channel and the Blu-ray 5.1 surround.

The sound quality is extremely good but you'll need to play it a bit louder than normal to appreciate the dynamics. It really opens up and breathes at higher volumes without the usual "harshness" you consistently find with modern remasters of pop/rock.

Definitely demo material.
If you like the TP 24/96 download you gotta get the Paul McCartney Band On The Run from HD Tracks. Really great IMO!
The new DTT 24/96 beats the MFSL OMR CD and then some. I compared and MFSL is totally eclipsed.

Srwooten - thx I'll be sure to get that one - I have several HD Tracks 24/96 recordings already and they have all been extremely high quality sound.