Tom Petty "Best of Everything" HD download

I was a disappointed in the 24/96hz HR download of the  "Best of Everything"  from Tom Petty. The claim was these tracks were taken from the first generation master tapes. 
However, compared to the "Anthology" cd's the HR download lacks bass, dynamics and definition.

Save your money and find the Anthology CD's. They are hard to find.

@ozzy wrote:
I was a disappointed in the 24/96hz HR download of the "Best of Everything" from Tom Petty. 

That might be due to the sampling rate being done in Hz instead of kHz. 
I have it in my saved list on Quboz stream at 24/96.

Once I get time I will see how it sounds streamed via Quboz.
I got so caught up in the emotion of listening to so many great songs that have been a part of my life for so long that the thought "hey, these sound compressed!" never occurred to me. 
If you can find a copy of the "Anthology" that has the best sound quality.

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I cannot say as the Quboz 24/96 stream was any great shakes.
I mean it was ok but definitely not as dynamic and musical as a lot of other hires streams.
Soundstage lacked depth and perception, a little flat overall was my impression.

Not something I will likely listen to again.

Thanks for your comments. I did have high hopes.


Sucks at times, especially when you get psyched up and sit down with a tall cool one and then.....

Not my first rodeo ... Lol