Tom Evans The Vibe Feedback

Does anyone have any real world experience with this preamp. I have heard some hype. Does it really live up to it?
I know of someone who has a great deal of experience with this preamp (and many others) whose ears I trust who says it is the best he has heard. Sorry, but I have no personal experience. My only comment regarding Tom Evans product is that as good as it may be it is very expensive for what you get in terms of hardware. The Groove Phono Stage originally was about $2300 (and considered very expensive for a small plastic box) just a couple of years ago, but with all the great reviews its price has increased two or three times since and is now retailing for about $4000! Sonically the Vibe and Groove may be world class, but if you want something that is in a similar class and is a thing of physical beauty and extraordinary build quality I'd look for something more like a Rowland Synergy.
The Vibe is the most revealing and natural sounding pre-amp I have heard. Very musical and live sounding. The soundstage is more up front. Instruments and vocals have their own space. Voices tend to be almost right in front of you surrounded by the music.If it is on the vinyl or CD you will hear it. Backgrounds are black and silent.It does not sound Solid State or tube. It has it's own sound or should I say lack of tonal characteristics. Neutral. It kills a majority of the competition that cost three times as much.
I've had my Vibe for years now and have used it with many different amplifiers and sources. I find that I can make it sound all kinds of ways depending on the amp/source I use with it. It is not up-front if used with a laid-back amp. It is super clear and detailed in all cases, without throwing detail out at you like some preamps I've had. It can be subdued or it can be exciting. It is the most transparent piece of equipment I think I've ever owned.
I've got a vibe with the pulse 2 power supply..everything I've researched shows a lithium logo on the back, except mine....I figure mine is an original before the lithium upgrade....anybody got an idea of what the retail was on my vibe, and when it was most likely manufactured?
My idea is the obvious one you already thought of and for some strange treason discarded..........cheers,Bob