Tom Evans Repair

I recently bought a Tom Evans Linear A amplifier that needed a new capacitor. I found the north american TEAD website to be pretty useless for finding a service facility. I preferred to not ship it to the UK.

I'm pleased to report that Scott Frankland in San Jose, CA serviced the Linear A for me in a very timely manner and for a reasonable fee. He also communicated with Tom Evans to confirm the amp operates at factory specs and he analyzed the output transformer performance. Scott is clearly an audio engineer and not your average "ee" guy. Highly recommended.
I have had precisely the same experiences with Scott. He has ALWAYS been prefessional, thorough, and borderline compulsive about getting the job done right, including burn-in of replacement components, prior to releasing the job. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Thanks for the info Jj2468 i sent my groove plus to Tom in the UK with out any problems. I wanted him to perform the SRX upgrade. If any other problems arise though i will keep Scott in mind.
Thanks again
Great to know. Prior to purchasing a used Vibe here on Audiogon I emailed Tom Evans to make certain that the model in question was indeed a Lithos 7 design via the serial number. He responded back by stating that the model was indeed a Lithos 7 design. So I went ahead and purchased the pre. After a few weeks I began to experience problems with the Vibe, so I sent Tom a picture of the interior of the unit...Tom responded back telling me what the issue may be, but the model I owned was a "Lithos 6" design. I explained to him that prior to purchasing the Vibe I had him trace the pre's serial number to make certain it was a Lithos 7 model. Tom responded back stating that he couldn't be held responsible for this error and that it would cost around $1000.00 to have the Vibe repaired and upgraded to a Lithos 7 design. Long story short - this guy has zero integrity...very poor customer service!