Tom Evans "The Groove" Power cord...

I just received one in on trade and it seems the original power cord was misplaced. It is a very thin cord with what looks like a transformer built into it. Has anyone attempted running an after market power cordwith "The Groove"? What were the results?
I have the Groove which I have used with Shunyata Taipan, Virtual Dynamics Nite, Silent Source, TG Audio HSR and Moray James power cords. The differences were not that big. I like the Moray James best in my system.
I never had the original power cord. But I guess that doesnn't matter. I bought another phono stage which was supposed to be excellent. I sold it within a week. The Groove was much better and is still in my system.
I had the Groove. I used the standard cord and then the Elrod Signature. I wouldn't listen to the Groove without an Elrod cord. I am sure other cords can be very good as well, but for me a power cord upgrade was necessary.
It increased smoothness of the treble offering more air. Body was increased as well. That is all I can remember. It was a while ago.