Tom Evans Groove X, Aesthetix Rhea or JLTI

I've been looking at phono preamps over the past couple days. At this point it seems that my phono pre (Wright WPP 100c) may be the weak link in my system. So in the spirit of audiophilia it would seem that I should try to squeeze out another 2-4% out of my system.

I'm told that the Aesthetix rhea will be too noisy with my Benz Ebony L because of its very low .26mv output. A shame really since I found one at a pretty god price used. Then there is the Tom Evans Groove X, But I haven't been able to find much info on it. Then too the Groove does not have adjustable gain which I consider important. Therefore I am leaning towards the JLTI which has adjustable loading and gain. The JLTI, along with the TE Groove has a small footprint which will also be beneficial since I don't have proper room in my rack for a full size unit.

So i think I've answered my own question, The JLTI is also about $1k cheaper also. Therefore the JLTI may not be the final phono pre, but it may be a step up from the Wright and feed the Teres better until I can take a bigger step up. Is there something I may be missing. Is the JLTI a big step up from the Wright, which I also consider a great over achiever? Thoughts?
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Restock. What improvements did the JLTi bring over the Wright? Also, what loading values are offered?
Dopogue, et al. Thanks for your input on the Rhea. I really like the features of the Rhea. Who can argue with remote control loading?
The ASR is also interesting
Due to the rack space available now, I have pretty much decided on the JLTi. I have been offered one at a very good price which certainly is a consideration. My research so far has indicated that there are proponents of each preamp and that it is a good possibility that they are all in the same league.

Thanks to all for your help
Thanks Restock. It sounds like I'll have a real treat with the JLTi. I have given high praise for the Wright in the past. I put it in the system when I had a much more modest TT (MMF-7) and the improvement was immense. But I guess the new TT has pushed the Wright beyond its capabilities. Thanks for your input.