Tom Evans Audio Design is still in business

I think it's only fair that I should post this due to the header in the thread I started below. I was told by the dealer I was working with that Tom Evans might be out of business. I had not heard for weeks from anyone about my Groove phono preamp I had sent him last August, and I felt this was the only way to get someone's attention. It apparently worked, someone got the word to Tom Evans and he's supposed to ship me the unit in a week or so. By the way, I highly recommend his phono preamps. I have used tube equipment for 35 years and the Groove is the first solid state unit that I have wanted to keep long term, it is a very synergistic match with tube equipment. He is supposed to be updating my preamp to the "Anniversary" model, I will report on this soon, I hope.
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I've heard that about Tom Evans gear before too, that it is solid state that can please a tube fan. I haven't had the oppotunity to listen to one yet though.

Have you heard a Klyne phono stage? I would describe my experience with the Klyne 7PX5.0 the same way, it pleased this tube fan.
No, my only experience with a solid state phono preamp has been with the Tom Evans basic Groove. I am supposed to be getting it upgraded to the Anniversary edition, with an outboard power supply. When I get that, I will be doing a shootout with the phono stage in my Shindo Monbrison preamp. I also occasionally use a Naim Nait 5i integrated, which is about as good as reasonably-priced solid state gegts.
I have a pair of Linear B's there in Wales now getting updated.