Tom Cruise

In the wake of audiophiles Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon discussing audio systems on the Tonight Show, be sure and catch the scene in the new Mission Impossible movie where Cruise searches for a John Coltrane LP in a record shop.

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08-10-15: Schubert
To say Justice in US is two-tiered is too big an understatement .
Its more like two-planeted .
But rich do never commit serious crime, at least if you go by the number executed since 1640, zero .
That's life in the BIG city NOT isolated to the US. Money talks and BS walks!
08-10-15: Schubert
True, Knghifi, but there are countries where it is not the case.
And the USA makes the biggest noise about truth and justice etc .
Where? Your beloved Germany? Heaven?
08-12-15: Isochronism
Schubert will explain himself after you GET OFF HIS LAWN!!!!!!!! :)
Shakey, how's OCCUPY SCHUBERT LAWN going? You're a reflection of this IMPERIAL UNJUST BIG BAD country. LOL!!!