Toilet Paper to Vacuum Tubes

Two years ago - March 2020 we were hoarding toilet paper. Fast forward to March 2022 - we are hoarding vacuum tubes. Oh, how times change.


Didn’t worry much about TP… just installed Bidet seats.

I guess the analogy would be Solid State instead of tubes.

Imagine an embargo or a Cold War  initiated by China, almost everything would be scarce.

Scarcity can be created by “hoarding”, but isn’t “hoarding” just an increase in demand that outpaces production?

Just-in-time manufacturing assumes America actually has a supply chain that is secure in a global economy.  Globalism espoused by a political party has its weaknesses and National Security/Sovereignty implications.

The system only works well when there is peace among the manufacturing giants of the world.

Please don’t go political” ….  Kinda difficult to accomplish when the problem is Is a symptom of geopolitics




This will also cause a price increase in tube gear. Better get some Chinese tubes if they are not all gone, Psvanes. Two years ago I sent my ex-wife a big package of toilet paper from Atlanta to New Mexico. It cost me $45 to ship. 

Nonoise - Love the idea of the paper tube centers w/ candles in place of tubes!  The reverse, however, probably not recommended, especially not w/ a KT 150 power tube.