Toe-In or Toe-Out

I always listen for a long time, with a bit of toe-out, just behind my head.  But I try again, for the second time, and for my room, I find the sound is much more coherent, with less saturation, in fact I can play a little bit louder without fatigue and saturation of music, like just in my face sound.  In fact it is more easy to listen to my music.  It is not a big move to make, just experimentation, it worth to try, for free.


Crossing just in front of your head or just behind your head is still toe-in not toe-out. I have never heard any loudspeaker in the toe-out position. 

oldhvymec, I check my right speaker, it was 11/2 inche to far from the right.  I check the front wall, 26 inches, it was OK for both.  I have tried, near listeng field, but I prefer far listening. in my 17x22 feet x 8 h.  My speakers are 61 inches centre to centre.  My ear, on my chair are 131 inches from centre of the speakers.  And it is now better.  How is important the positionning !  Thank you.  Not easy in getting old ...

Getting old, nah, wiser yes.. :-) Years is just something that comes along with it.. They are all free.. :-)

Glad to hear things are better..


noromance,  I just move them closer with just a little "hair" toe-in, (48 inches) and I find the music more coherent and lively.  I will keep them in that positioning.  Thank you.